Things of Friendship

2000 ~ 2008, Cibachrome print, various objects, each photo: 115.6 x 77.5 cm
In the ongoing project “Things of Friendship,” I visit a friend’s house and with his or her permission look through the friend’s belongings in order to find items which we both own. I first photograph the items in the interior of my friend’s home, then the objects that I also own in my own home. In the exhibition space, the two photographs are juxtaposed on the wall alongside the two groups of items – one, which belongs to me, and the other, which belongs to my friend. After the show, the items are returned to their owners and put back in each of the homes. Instead of being fixed or categorized as commodities or art-objects, the two sets of identical items in this exhibition thus come to indicate “things of friendship” between my friends and myself.