Security Guard and I

video recorded by surveillance cameras, photograph, mixed media 1200 x 4480 x 2260 cm.
Through the process of building a ‘personal friendship’ between the security guard and the audience (I become the audience when I see the exhibition), or security guard and artist - who are forced to be divided by an individual’s identity and social role while sharing the space of museum -, these divisions will be transgressed in this project. The museum security guard and I will try to build a friendship - stage by stage – by doing activities that can be done with two people, such as eating or exercising once a week - outside the museum - after work. This process of building intimacy can stop whenever the participant (guard) wants to cease. If the participation continues to the final stage, the artist and the security guard conduct a performance of dancing together in the museum and the performance will be recorded with the surveillance camera. If the security guard’s participation stops in the middle, the artist conducts the dance performance alone. This project makes a conjecture that there are socio-cultural systems of surveillance, that operate in society in accordance with occupation, role, gender, and sexual identity of the individual who belongs to the society. In this project, a security guard and I can become collaborators who will conspire the experience beyond the sociocultural surveillance system operating both inside and outside of the museum. The original function of the existing surveillance devices - surveillance cameras - transforms to a means of recording such collaboration and sharing this with audience.