The Flag and I

2009, Sound & Video installation, dimension variable
“The Flag and I” begins with the search of the biggest national flag and flag pole in Korea. The flag on the flagpole is then videotaped in 3 separate parts from top to bottom. “The Flag and I” discloses the private things and individuals that have been excluded in the production of the collective image. Like a flag on a flagpole, the video-maker stands erect with his camera. He adopts the pose of a citizen saluting the flag, all the while trying his best to remain still. With the passage of time, however, the filmmaker starts trembling, his moans expressing the physical pain of trying to remain still. While the screen displays the image of the flag on the flagpole, the shaking camera and moaning disclose the individuality of the video-maker. As the shaking of the camera and moaning intensifies over time, they interfere with the viewing of the flag image within the screen.