Meeting Time

1999 ~ present, Print on paper, endless copies, dimensions variable
In “Meeting Time,” I take a series of photographs of my wristwatch next to other wristwatches in various locales. In these photographs, the two watches are posed next to each other. However, each watch usually indicates a different time-that is, the “local time” of their respective owners. The photos of these watches are then printed in the form of postcards and stacked on the floor of the exhibition space. Viewers of “Meeting Time” are then requested to send the artist one of the postcards, which I then use to recreate another exhibit in the same format in another space. “Meeting Time,” therefore, becomes a process of tracking the disappearance of postcards in one place and their reappearance in another. However, the two processes never “match up,” since the postcards sent by the viewers are never the same as the ones I receive. Instead, what the viewer’s participation creates is a “difference” between the two.