Hairstyle Coupon project

1998 – 1999, Silkscreen on paper, each: 28 x 10.8cm
During my summer residency at Skowhegan in 1998, I provided a free hair-cutting service to the other artists. This was my way of interacting/communicating with them. After the haircut, I created twelve coupons based on the individual identities of the diverse people that I had met. These coupons entitled their owners to a free haircut. However, the person who had received the coupon could not use it. Rather, they had to pass them onto someone else, who could then use them under the following conditions.


  • * Original owners of this coupon must not use it for themselves.
  • * In order for redemption, the original owner must give the coupon to someone else.
  • * Receivers acknowledge that the haircutting service is provided as an integral part of an art project.
  • * The receiver must return the coupon before accepting the service.
  • * The coupon expires within six months of issuance.
  • * Service receivers must make an appointment.