Personal Ads

1996, Personal ads placed in “The Village Voice”
Personal ads were placed in The Village Voice. They included messages for five artists, such as Roni Horn (October 22, 1996), Robert Gober (November 12, 1996), Nam June Paik (November 19, 1996), Haim Steinback (November 26, 1996), and Cindy Sherman (December 3, 1996). My personal ads, however, were not restricted to these artists. The word, “Real” placed in front of each name, invites anybody who identifies himself/herself as the “real” Nam June Paik or Cindy Sherman to respond. In these personal ads, I also introduced myself as a “Gay Korean Artist,” synchronizing my personal experience of coming out with my artistic practice. Even though I risked losing present relationships through my coming out, I also expected to create new relations through my personal ads.